Lois Evans, psychotherapist, London


Lois Evans, Psychotherapist,LondonLois Evans holds American and British citizenship and currently resides in Spain and the United States.  She practiced psychotherapy in the UK for over 25 years. She offers a direct, integrative, goal-oriented approach to individual development and problem solving.

Lois works remotely by phone and virtually on the internet.

She applies her background in both teaching and psychology to help people resolve issues that have become problems requiring solutions.

Lois’ main goal is to empower people with the skills, tools and knowhow to achieve their desired aims from a grounded place of confidence, balance and self esteem.

She particularly enjoys working with people who have been through a recovery process and are ready to launch forward toward more personal and professional fulfillment.

Her dedication is to help people achieve goals that are life enhancing for themselves and indirectly for others in their families and communities.

Credentials: B.A., M.A. Hunter College, New York City
M.P.A. Master of Public Administration, The State University of New York at Albany
M.S. Master of Counseling, Georgia State University
Completion of 36 courses of training from Coach University.

A personal word from Lois Evans

Keynote speeches

Lois Evans' Keynote speeches include:

Someone to Watch Over You - Who's Looking Out for You?

How to Live Well and Die Happy - The key elements to having the life you want.

Contact Lois Evans

Lois Evans can be reached by email at loisevans@me.com.


I regularly refer people to Lois who need emotional support. I know that they will not only be in safe hands, but also that they will make steady and sometimes rapid progress toward well being.
Dr Mark Bushnell, Private GP, London

Lois is one of the people with whom I work collaboratively.  I find her professionalism and dedication to her clients’ progress inspirational.
Dr. Stephen Randolph Berlin, Ph.D. Psychologist and Workshop Leader, Carmel, CA.

Lois is truly inspirational helping clients plunge new depths and achieve new heights. We have collaborated professionally for years toward our mutual goal of helping clients live freer, happier lives.
Tim Laurence, Founder, The Hoffman Process, UK, author of “You Can Change Your Life.”  

Lois was a lifeline. Our work together allowed me to build a foundation upon which to base my life. When I contemplate the difference between the chaos I was in and the health and happiness of today, I am enormously grateful and proud to be her “graduate” and her greatest fan.
Kit Hammond Stapely, author of “It Could Be Verse, An Anthology of  Laughter Quotations,” Health Creation Mentor, Laughter Facilitator, Louise Hay LY HYL Teacher

Lois is my spiritual godmother.  I use her for ballast, balance, and to help me find my own center of gravity.
Elle Macpherson, Business Woman, Creative Director of Elle Macpherson Intimates and Supermodel